E-CPP is a unique information management system designed specifically for ethics committees.

With the amount of information that needs to be processed to comply with all the rules and regulations for medical research, E-CPP really makes a difference in the work process of an ethics committee. It is a modern, easy to use tool that reduces the stress and increases efficiency for all parties involved. You will be able to keep all information in one place and access it at any time from any device!


How can it help exactly?


  • With E-CPP, prospective participants can file their applications online
  • Committee members, specialists and experts can download the reports
  • Directors of ethics committee can easily edit, correct, classify, change statuses and manage files in the folders
  • Depending on the role, all parties have different access to the files in the system
  • It is easy for supervisors to oversee the work of ethics committees using E-CPP


The training is provided to ensure the implementation of E-CPP goes smoothly. We will provide support to answer all the questions that might arise!