E-orchestra is a software specially developed to meet the needs of orchestras to communicate, maintain and enhance customer relationships. At the same time, they can use this application to facilitate information management of relevant parties who are playing in the orchestra.


To push upcoming concerts information to audience.

To manage information of relevant parties, like players, performers, artists, institutes, council, etc. Those information may include the address, contact information, legal information about accounting, social security, ID card, concert pictures, payment records, concerts they have played in, etc.

To check concert information, like location, time, etc.

To manage libraries of compositors.


There are many problems faced by orchestras now. The biggest one is how to communicate with their audience, how to deliver concert information like location, date and time, price, discounts, number of seats, etc. to their target customers efficiently. Another one is the lack of a specific CRM platform.

What’s more, they are dealing with lot of different performers from day to day. It’s hard to remember all of them. It is usually the case that orchestras struggle to get their valid contact information, or waste plenty of time checking whether they played with them or not before.