E-Commerce Enhancer

E-Commerce Enhancer (ECE) is an e-commerce B2B solution designed for ecommerce players looking for efficient and accurate daily management of multiple marketplaces.

What benefits can you get from ECE?

Our marketplace centralisation solution enables you to synchronize stocks, manage product catalogs and prices, follow up all received orders and shipments from one single easy-to-operate dashboard.


Besides, support and advice are available throughout the whole process to help you fully control your sales activities. You are allowed to customize ECE as well.


If you are an active online seller, Ultra Prod provides reliable e-commerce software to make your online sales easier. If you are a beginner, our support is here to help you start from scratch.

How is ECE working?


If you have any question about the price contact us

How much is ECE?

You only need to pay a clear fixed flat rate without extra percentage charges as per your sales volume.

With only € 150 per month, you can:

  • Manage your product catalogs efficiently
  • Release your products to your targeted ecommerce platforms
  • Manage your sales orders easily
  • Update your stock of all ecommerce platforms in real time
  • Track logistics and delivery processes systematically
  • Generate delivery and customer invoices automatically

What’s more, 10 € per month is enough for an additional ecommerce platform.

What marketplace partners do we have?

An influential and suitable marketplace will increase your online sales significantly. But how can you make sure you are choosing the right ones?


Ultra-prod can help by analyzing the product types you are offering and the characteristics of different marketplaces we have been dealing with frequently.

At present ECE is compatible with Rakuten, Amazon, Cdiscount, PIXmania, La Redoute, EBay, Fnac, Rue du commerce, Groupon, Back market, MacWar, Darty, Mister Good Deal, etc.


If any appropriate marketplace you are interested in is not on the list, contact us and we’ll make this happen as quick as possible.

If any appropriate ecommerce platform you are interested in is not on the list, contact us and we’ll make this happen as quick as possible.

What other customizable functions can we offer?

Here we have customized a set of additional functions you may desire:


Some ecommerce platforms offer the possibility of recovering rates or lower / higher shipping costs on competing offers to the customer’s basket.

We offer you either:

If you are just interested in this information, you can download daily reports.

Or we can automatically adjust the price of our catalogue with high and low limits.

The repricing functionality is available at 10 € per month per ecommerce platform.

Verifying imported data

Errors and mistakes find every chance to occur when you input data manually. That’s why we provide this tool to check if data are accurate and consistent as a whole in all package options. You will be notified immediately by email once a potential error is found on a price or reference.

Custom import template

Your export management tool knows only a few formats? No problem, ECE suits your needs to simplify the management of your data stream by custom import templates.

Searching EAN & product information

EAN are mandatory in most product categories today. That is why we offer this function in partnership with IceCat, enabling you to retrieve product information you need, including the EAN of course.

Alert service

A batch of retrieval return? problems, or untreated orders received for two days? You will be alerted by email as soon as possible.

Custom export template

This helps create custom data export for your products or sales. You can also automate these exports to make it available permanently.

On-holiday settings

With one click only, you can disable your catalogs from all ecommerce platforms, when it’s time to recharge batteries.

Invoices & delivery notes

For each order you can download delivery notes (with barcode for tracking) and invoices customized with your company name in the header. These invoices are always available for downloading if your client needs it.

A range of other safety tools

We also offer more features for optimizing and securing your day to day trade.

Want to facilitate your sales management?